It can be hard to choose the best red wine amongst over 10,000 varieties of grapes. There are many varieties of wine. This article will help you understand the best red wines on the market.

Top Red Wine Types

Beaujolais. While seasoned wine-lovers might be offended that this wine is ranked as one of the top, it is a great choice for people who are just getting started with red wine. This wine’s lower alcohol and lighter flavor make it a great choice for newbies before they move on to more well-known brands.

Cabernet Sauvignon This brand is considered to be one the most prized red wine varieties. It has a full-bodied, rich flavor and texture. Many of the most popular Cabernet Sauvignon wines are from France, Australia, Chile, California, Australia, or Chile. This wine is very good for aging and is often the preferred drink.

Merlot is another great choice for beginners. It is still a popular choice among veterans due to its versatility and ability to be paired with nearly any kind of food. High quality Merlot wine is made from grapes grown in different product review sites regions, including Australia, California and Chile.

Pinot Noir is a medium-bodied wine that is often blended with other grape varieties. It is an excellent choice for wine lovers of all kinds. Pinot Noir wine is mainly from France but can also be found in California, New Zealand, Austria and California.

Syrah/Shiraz – Depending on the source, this wine type may be called one of two names. It will be called Syrah in Europe, while Shiraz will be used by Californians and Australians. This is a full-bodied, hearty variety that is best enjoyed with steaks or other meats.

Zinfandel is a California-only wine. Many people mistakenly believe that Zinfandel is a white wine. Zinfandel’s red wine can be strong and heavy. This wine is recommended only for people who have been enjoying red wines for a while and not for anyone new to the market.

Wine Calories

Wine calories are usually expressed in gallons. The average volume per glass is approximately 3.5 fl. oz. The calorie count for this volume of red wine is 85, with 0 calories from fat. You may also be interested in the following nutritional facts: There is no cholesterol, low sodium (5mg), 2.8g carbohydrates (with 0.8g from sugar) and 0.1g protein. Red wines contain 8.38mg calcium and 0.38mg iron.

Wine calories are very low, so you don’t have to be concerned about nutrition. You should remember that wine contains alcohol so you need to take this into account when enjoying a glass. Excessive alcohol intake can lead to serious health problems.