The Ugly Truth about Hedgehogs Having Catnip The idea of hedgehogs having access to the herb catnip might seem like a fun thing, but it is far from the truth. Although hedgehogs are related to cats and some cat owners give their cats catnip, giving it to hedgehogs can be dangerous and even bring on unwanted behavior. Not only can catnip be toxic, but it can also lead to behavioral issues that owners can’t manage. Let’s discuss why giving hedgehogs catnip can be a dangerous and even deadly mistake. The first red flag should be the fact that the herb belongs to the mint family, which makes it toxic to some animals, cats included.

For hedgehogs, this means anything ingested can lead to stomach problems and create a type of reaction that can be potentially fatal. Even if the hedgehog does not die from the herb, it will still be exposed to several of its effects, such as twitching and shallow breathing. Aside from the fact that catnip can be toxic to hedgehogs, the herb can also bring on behavior problems. Hedgehogs that are exposed to catnip can become easily agitated and hyper, which can be difficult for owners to handle on their own. The animal’s constant need for the herb can also become a problem, as the pet will start to need more and more of it in order to remain calm.

When it comes to giving hedgehogs a fun treat, there are safer alternatives than catnip. For example, hedgies love crunchy insects and treats like dried mealworms. They also love chew toys and other treats that are designed specifically for their species. This can help owners find a way to give their pets a safe and enjoyable treat without Can Hedgehogs Have Catnip ever having to worry about the danger of catnip. The bottom line is that hedgehogs and catnip are best kept apart, as the herb can be dangerous for this species. Not only can it be toxic, but it can also cause changes in behavior.